Design & PREPRESS Service for Label MANUFACTURING

Print production and manufacturing has been my profession for nearly 35 years now, working as a graphic designer, production artist, and prepress specialist for many different types of printing companies throughout the years. As an employee of these companies I made it my mission to not only do the tasks assigned to me but to improve upon the process. This may have been simply reorganizing the production space, or to change the order in which tasks are completed, or possibly to change the way information is exchanged with our customers. In any case my goal was to make it as simple as possible while maintaining high production standards. It's this type of thinking that I would like to bring to your process.

Utilizing industry standard software by:


SKU / One-up ArtPrep: Using Adobe Illustrator I create or modify your artwork files to work with your prepress plating or digital front-end system; defining trimbox, bleedbox/media, dieline, process colors, spot colors and technical colors. Attention to CMYK builds, spot-over-process ink-builds, and channel mixing. Files can be delivered as editable AI/PDF or converted to your PDF standard. Production marks can also be added to simplify your process.

Dielines: Simple or complex dieline shapes or arrays. I pay attention to the small differences that can be applied to help with ease of die engraving, press performance, and die longevity.

White Underprint / Spot Varnish: Using ESKO Deskpack plugins for Illustrator I can quickly create white underprint and spot varnishes with your specific cutback.

Barcodes: UPC, EAN, QR, DataMatrix and much more: I utilize ESKO's Dynamic Barcodes plugin to create barcodes that are optimized for your process including barwidth reduction and imaging resolution.

Trapping: Basic trapping, to your specification, can be applied to your art file. Varying trap distances can also be applied to different object types or ink colors to ease the print registration process and gain speed on-press.

Variable Data: I am experienced in variable data set-up using ESKO's Variable Data plugin for Illustrator as well as template set-up on HP Indigo Digital Front End. Also experienced with CSV set-up / database file creation.

Currently, To provide this service, you must have an established variable data license from your device manufacturer or prepress systems provider. Future development of this service will include print-ready VT-PDF without the requirement for variable data license. To be announced.

ZOOM! Web Meetings : Sometimes emailing proofs back and forth can be a time consuming process. Let's get to approval and review the changes live! From any computer I'll connect you to a view of the design file and we can make revisions or play with design options in real time.