The what about

Hello! I'm Rob Patton, owner/designer here at Buzi Business Services. My goal is simple: to help small businesses like yours succeed. There are a few of ways in which I do this. One is to get you organized! Two is to be there when you need me. Three is to provide print and marketing services at an affordable price. You know that being the owner of a small business is tough, you're expected to wear many different hats and make a lot of desicions - I'm hear to help you get things done so you can keep your business moving forward. It's better than hiring an extra employee because I'm only around when you need me. I get the project done and get out of your hair.

This sounds expensive.

I know. Talking about working with a "designer" or "consultant" sounds like an expensive ordeal - but I'm here to change that. My approach to pricing is simple and affordable. I provide many services to help your business grow and I do it at reasonable prices. I'm not looking to get your commitment on a large project. I am looking for your commitment to call on me when you need. As we work together on small projects I get to know your business and can add functionality to your process.

The whO about

So who are you Mr. Rob Patton?

Print production and manufacturing has been my profession for nearly 35 years now, working as a graphic designer, production artist, and prepress specialist for many different types of printing companies throughout the years. As an employee of these companies I made it my mission to not only do the tasks assigned to me but to improve upon the process. This may have been simply reorganizing the workspace, or to change the order in which tasks are completed, or possibly to change the way information is exchanged with our customers. In any case my goal was to make it as simple as possible while maintaining high production standards. It's this type of thinking that I would like to bring to your business. I want to take my experience and translate that into something valuable for your business and for your customers. My services/products are graphic design and printed products, but what I am selling is insight into your business and translating that into something productive and meaningful. See some examples in my portfolio.